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New Paintings

Favorite Place, Martha's Vineyard

Philadelphia area artist Liz Finley uses powerful color combinations, bold brushstrokes and a lighthearted attitude to bring her original oil paintings to life.  Interpretations of local Philadelphia scenes, the Jersey Shore and other beach areas are consistent topics, while trips to Ireland, France and Italy have provided for endless subject matter.  Paintings ranging in size from 8 x 8" to 36 x 48" are sold at local shows and through postings on Instagram and Facebook.
Commissioned paintings of a favorite place or subject can be developed collaboratively, often a great wedding, birthday, or thank you gift. Large format paintings are welcomed.

Thank you for visiting this website.  Please enjoy the images as you check out each page, and click on images to determine size and availability.  Not all paintings are listed, so if there is a subject you are curious about, please inquire, as there may just be one in the studio! 
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